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See what other people are saying about our Hunters Woods apartments! At Hunters Woods Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I love it just a little expansive.


I have lived in Hunters woods for 4 years now. My experience has been a positive one. They are consistently doing upgrades to the property and love the management staff. they are always willing to help with anything.


I love this complex. I use to live here with roommates about three years ago. Then I left Murray for half a year. But when I came back to Murray, I knew I'd wanna live at Hunters Woods. Got in a one bedroom apartment. It is the most spacious apartment I've been able to find in Utah county. The square footage is unbeatable for the price. Its the kind of place where you chat with the neighbors and let your dog make friends with the other local dogs. Just a super friendly complex in general. Plus, I have a total of 5 closets... What woman wouldn't love that?


It troubles me to see that so many other people are having problems. I have only been here a few weeks, but so far everything has gone quite well. My husband and I sent in a maintenance request and had guys there to fix it the following day at a time we chose. Everything was clean upon arrival but that may be because they used our unit to showcase. We cleaned either way but nothing was gross besides some dead ants killed by the exterminator. Haven't seen any since so it must have worked. We are lucky to have nothing loud above or around us. haven't heard the neighbors above or next to us really at all so either they're quite or the walls and ceilings are thick. We've got a fireplace so that helps with the heating bill and yes some of the appliances are a little old, but they certainly still serve their appropriate function. All the damage we saw we marked on a form upon arrival so we won't be charged. Kathy in the main office has been an amazing help. Very understanding and accommodating while still definitely upholding all rules. In total, we are satisfied. I think when moving into any apartment you must assume there will be some wear and tear, some items like light bulbs you must replace, and certainly a solid cleaning. If you want better you will have to pay more. That's reality. We are getting our monies worth.


Lived here for 2 years and I have no complaints.


Staff is very friendly and the area beatiful, we are moving in May can't wait!!


I really enjoyed living here I just moved out last month. I think most people give reviews when they are angry or feel they have been wronged. I felt I should leave one with no anger and no reason to embellish. First the good: Large floor plans! Clean property. I was treated nice by the management team. Maintenance was nice and always tried to get to you as soon as they could. Now the bad: Watch out for the fee's. Water is high monthly ...real high during summer because of the swimming pools and water fountains. Rude neighbors. I swore I was going to get hit every time I drove through the parking lot I was always having issues being blocked in my parking spot! People would just park their car behind me and leave it there. When I moved out the management worked with me on some things and have been real nice to us. I would recommend moving here if its in your price range or at least checking it out it's worth your time.


Older complex, yes. Safe, comfortable, large, awesome staff; both maintenance and office,yes, yes, yes. This may not be the newest apt complex in Murray, but I wouldn't live anywhere else!


As I write this (at Hunters Woods) a crew is pulling old cabinets out of the apartment next door and filling a trailer with them. They tell me they do about 3 apartments a month. The place downstairs got new carpets last week. There are still a lot of apartments to go, but it's clear that the new management is determined to make up for years of past neglect. The rooms here are the largest I've found after many moves, and repairs are made quickly. When my kitchen drawers went south, three guys showed up to fix them. Most reviewers are motivated by problems, and those reviews can last for years. It's 2015 and if the location works for you, now is a good time to give Hunters Woods a look. Reading the other reviews, I see that some people had trouble with management. We had some neighbors who wouldn't return our greetings. Wonder if those were the same people. My experience is that if you work with the staff, they work with you. A simple compliment to the guy picking up the parking lot makes a big impression. No surprise there.


Love it here, we have lived here 6 months and so far great. The grounds are beautiful and the apartments are HUGE!! Love the double balconies and the swimming pool is awesome!!! Would recommend.

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